Full moon distance healing!

This type of distance healing is given at 20:00 your local time on the day of the full moon in order to raise your consciousness and enhance your healing process. Please note that you have to sign up 48 hours before!

Many participants use this form of distance healing to make the most of the heightened energy at the time of the full moon. We are influenced by the lunar cycle in subtle ways and the full moon is an aid when we can receive strong energy. Many people have reported that they had various types of spiritual experiences during the full moon sessions.

Before you begin to meditate, visualize the moon or, better still, gaze at the moon for a while if it is visible.

The effects of the distance healing can be enhanced if you, or a group of you, meditate for about 30 minutes around 20:00 local time on the day of the full moon.

People from all over the world participate in my healing sessions. With full moon healing, my aim is that you can meditate and experience the full moon healing at a convenient time wherever you are in the world. Therefore the time when you receive healing is set at 20:00 your local time (even though I send out the healing energies in advance of this time).

You will need to find out which is the day of the full moon in your time zone and then be prepared to receive healing at 20:00 that day. If you need help to find the right day, there is a useful link available when you sign up.

You are welcome to share with me any experience you may have during or after the healing session.