The White Flag

Please spread the white flag as a symbol for our protests

People are protesting for many different reasons these days: about restrictions during the pandemic that are a threat to liberty, about the introduction of vaccination passports, about 5G masts and so on. All these people would stand a better chance of being heard if they came together under a common banner or symbol.

I am a healer from Sweden and I suggest that we use the well-known symbol of a white flag to unite us. White is a symbol of purity, peace and light. I do not see this as a symbol of surrender but as a symbol to indicate a stop for what is going on and a timeout to listen. The 10-minute video I have made explains more.

This symbol can be used to mark our posts in social media, our letters or emails and as a flag to wave during demonstrations. When those in power see just how many of us are in this movement, they will be more inclined to listen to us.

I ask you to start using this symbol and my hope is that the white flag will spread rapidly around the world showing how many like-minded people we are in this protest movement.

Please feel free to share this video with others.

Love and light,

Thor Midwind

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London 19 July 2021

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