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See this introduction about a series of short videos that give tips and inspiration on how to raise your consciousness and get the most out of distance healing.

This is an introduction for you before watching the other videos.


Short video clip from my New Moon distance healing 6 Sept 2021.

Serious Illness

Please do your research before, if you will take the vaccine!

Learn more about the earth energies and healing power you can find in ancient stone circles.

Meditation 1/5: Intro to meditation and what’s important when you meditate.

Meditation 2/5: Learn a simple way to breath during your meditation.

Meditation 3/5: Connect to your heart during your meditation and get into a deeper state of mind.

Meditation 4/5: Make your meditation more powerful then you are out in nature when doing your meditation.

Meditation 5/5: Make a wish before you meditate and when you participate in my distance healing.

Look around! There are lots of small things in nature that can bring you joy in your daily life.

How ions affect you in your daily life and how you can use negative ions to improve your health!

New Moon Meditation
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Healing Meditation
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Singing bowl 1
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Singing bowl 2
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